Finding balance in a relationship is always important, and the partners will function better if they take the time to do this. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and each person must compensate for their partner. This is a normal part of the give and take each person enjoys when they are fully invested in a real relationship. Unfortunately, some people choose the way they perceive as easiest, and they often find out their relationship was unequal. They are left with nothing but regrets and bad memories when this occurs.

It takes knowledge and effort to create an equal relationship between two people. Those who do this will live a nicer life, and their relationship will have a better chance of long term success. Those who fail to plan for the future will find they are often left with nothing more than regretful memories they may regret from a relationship that could have been better.


The Money Equation

Not all people in a relationship where one has money need to feel their relationship will fail. There are legal ways to even out the disparity such as prenuptial agreements.


The Asset of Intelligence

Just because a person is intelligent, this does not make them able to live a good life. They may have issues with socializing or dealing with unplanned events, and it might keep them from functioning


The Beautiful Spouse

Time is a harsh taskmaster, and looks will fade over the years. Even true beauty cannot often stand throughout the decades and remain the same.